Blaichach is first mentioned in 1275 as a vicarage – the neighbouring towns even earlier, in some cases. Its Church of St. Martin was founded as early as the Franconian era, making Blaichach one of the old parishes of the region’s Stiefenhofen chapter, even if it is not one of the oldest vicarages overall.

The town consists of the localities of Ettensberg, Hofen, Altmummen, Schwanden, Reute, Tanne, and – since 1972 – Gunzesried, which before that had been a separate town together with the villages of Bihlerdorf, Seifriedsberg, Kühberg, Halden, and the locality of Säge.
The high feast day in the Gunzesrieder Valley!

100 days of summer in the Alps culminate in the Gunzesrieder Valley in a traditional and rollicking festival – the Viehscheid or “return of the cattle”. In mid-September, before the first powdery snow dusts the highest peaks, the shepherds lead their herds from the Alps down into the valley in order to hand the animals over to the farmers or to drive them to the winter pasture. The deep sound of various bells announces the arrival of the animals. If the summer in the Alps was successful, the herd is led by a cow magnificently adorned with a wreath of flowers.

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